A2B <-> MADI interface

Convert from A2B to MADI and back with ease!

A2B <-> MADI interface

Marenius A2B < >MADI is a 64-channel A2B to MADI and MADI to A2B bi-directional, full duplex interface in a durable aluminium chassis. The device can be used to synchronize audio signals with a third-party PC audio interface with MADI interface and A2B transmitted audio signals. Other third-party MADI interfaces can also be used when synchronized analog audio signals are required.


The interface has an advanced clock synchronization function and can be clocked from different master clocks. There is also an internal reserve clock if no external clock is provided. The MADI interface is optical and the device can automatically synchronize the internal clock with the incoming MADI stream. . Both A2B master and A2B slave are supported.



The device has two A2B interfaces with 32 channels each. World clock in and out is supported on BNC. Each A2B interface has three different ports to choose from so that the user can select the port that suits the application.



The configuration of Marenius A2B< > MADI is made via USB and Analog Devices software Sigma Studio. The configuration file can then be stored on an SD card for offline configuration of the A2B bus. . All settings made in the software are stored on the device so that the user can initiate a complete system at start-up.


All input/output  ports are on the back of the Marenius A2B < > MADI.
From left to right they are:
External switch input, USB port for connection to a USB host. A2B programming port, A2B interface port.
BNC World Clock input, World Clock output, MADI ports (SC ports), External power supply via screw terminals or connectors (9–18 VDC ).

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A2B<-> MADI specifications

  • Voltage range: 9-18VDC
  • MADI channels: 64
  • A2B channels: 64
  • SD card: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Latency, MADI to A2B bus master: 1 sample
  • Latency, A2B bus to MADI: 1 sample
  • Latency, A2B bus to A2B bus: 50uS
  • Size: 219x155x44 mm