HD Audio digital/analog converter


The DAC-S2 is produced and designed by Marenius to compete with the best D/A converters in the industry. With its hyper-advanced digital to analog technology, fully analog-based amplifier circuits and separate power supply module, the DAC-S2 creates its very own class of DA converters with precise audio reproduction and class-leading metrics in terms of dynamic range, distortion and noise level.


The DAC-S2 provides all the inputs and outputs you need. The front panel provides full control over the S2, with three-way input switching between AES, optical and S/PDIF. The DAC-S2 has line and headphone outputs, and you can choose either or both from a three-way output switch on the front panel. With digital inputs, including AES, capable of 96 kHz/24-bit operation and balanced outputs, the DAC-S2 will match any professional setup.


The analog output levels are controlled by a masterpiece from Penny & Giles engineers.
Further proof of our commitment
to the highest sound quality.


One of the biggest causes of reduced dynamic range in a DAC is 50 Hz hum from the power supply and HF noise from switched power supplies. For a mains transformer, the only direct solution for noise reduction is to move it away from sensitive circuits. In the DAC-S2 we’ve gone further and placed it in a separate shielded casing. For additional noise reduction, there is also a powerful mesh filter block. The DAC-S2 is housed in an EMC shielded metal housing.


All input/output ports are on the back of the DAC-S2.
From left to right they are:
L and R XLR ports for balanced analog audio outputs
L and R RCA/phono ports for unbalanced analog outputs
Combo XLR/1/4″ AES/EBU digital audio input
Optical TOSLINK digital audio input
BNC S/PDIF digital audio input (BNC – RCA adapter included)
Power supply connector with screw lock fittings

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What do the pros say about the DAC-S2?

Audio Media International is a reputable British audio magazine and website that reviews professional audio equipment. This quote is from their review of the DAC-S2.

"Great analogue sound from a digital source starts here. Sweden, thank you for the music.."

"lf you judge a piece of gear by how often you use it then Marenius's DAC - S2 passes the test with flying colours. In use daily, I never tire of listening to the Marenius."

DAC-S2 specifications

Fs = 48 kHz, 20 to 22 kHz BW, 1 kHz test tone, 0 dBFS = +16 dBu (unless otherwise specified).

  • SNR — unweighted: 117 dB
  • THD+N -107 dB, 0.00045%
  • Frequency response 32
  • Crosstalk -130 dB at 1 kHz
  • Noise floor -140 dB
  • Inputs AES3-3id, AES/EBU, Toslink
  • Outputs Balanserad, obalanserad