We are experts in the design of electronic products!

Marenius has many years of experience in client-oriented development of digital and analog systems, from idea refinement via embedded software all the way to encapsulated finished product. Our staff has all the skills needed for your specific project and we can shape the team needed internally to exceed the goals we have set together.

Circuit board design

Electronics design is a complex world where it is always important to choose the right solution for a specific product. This may include components, system architecture, physical space for PCBs and enclosures, or various requirements for manufacturability and testability. Marenius has all services for the design and construction of electronic applications under one roof. In our design process, we can combine surface-mounted and through-hole mounted components, depending on what provides the best function in your product. Our electronics layout designers have knowledge gained through many years of experience regarding the regulations required for various applications, such as those applying EMC, RoHS and safety.


Since almost everything we develop includes one or more microcontrollers, software development is a system-critical aspect of product construction. Factors such as code documentation, code adjustments and infrastructure for software updates, via cable or the cloud, are vital aspects of product development and a process with which our staff has extensive experience. Our in-house programmers work primarily in the C programming language which can then be easily ported to the circuit specifically selected for your product, whether simpler PIC processors or more advanced FPGA circuits.

Interfaces and protocols

A product rarely stands alone without needing to communicate either locally with sensors and transponders or with the internet or other networks. Marenius has extensive implementation experience of all industry-leading interfaces and protocols such as USB, CAN, Ethernet, GSM/3G, RS-232/422/485, ModBus, WiFi, ZigBee, etc.


To produce and future-proof a product, documentation is required. Marenius documents software, hardware, testing and production. The information is archived and available many years after the product is launched. We have extensive experience of working in the automotive industry where documentation is essential.