We are experts in EMC &LVD testing

To measure is to know and when it comes to electronics development, this is one of the most important parameters over which to have total control. In addition to the client’s functional requirements, electronic products are held to strict legal requirements relative to a variety of yardsticks, from energy consumption to EMC requirements.

With our history from the production of professional sound technology and the extreme measurement requirements this industry places, over the years Marenius has built up a highly competent test lab in-house with the ability to measure with high precision all commonly used test parameters, as well as a large number of rarer ones. All extensively documented.


The Marenius test lab can perform EMC and LVD pre-compliance testing. For many electronic products, this test is sufficient as a basis for approval according to EU directives. . If the tests have been carried out with approved results, a test report and a CE declaration are delivered to the client, which the client can then sign and submit to the relevant authorities.

The following standard tests are routinely performed in the Marenius test lab:

RF emission

RF immunity

Conductive disturbances

Transient resistance


Surge voltage

Ground continuity

Insulation resistance

Shock current

Voltage dips

We also conduct audio measurements via our AUDIO PRECISION System Two 2322 Dual Domain,
if the product is an audio product.