Protects your meetings against eavesdropping and recording via mobile devices!

NoiseBox S1+ keeps your discussions private.

Any smartphone, tablet or laptop can be used with a suitable app for eavesdropping on everything that its microphone can pick up. This even applies when the device is in sleep mode. NoiseBox S1+ solves this problem and easily protects your meetings from eavesdropping. Place all devices with a microphone, such as laptops or mobile phones, in NoiseBox S1+ and activate it. If you like, you can connect phones or tablets to USB ports in the NoiseBox for charging.

NoiseBox S1+ is the result of a request from the Swedish Police and Swedish Armed Forces for better protection against eavesdropping via smartphones. They have tested it and found it very useful. Since 2012, thousands of NoiseBox® units have been delivered to Swedish and foreign authorities and businesses. The stylish box in solid beech, oak or birch is handcrafted in Sweden and fits nicely in all conference rooms. There is space for several phones as well as the occasional tablet.

NoiseBox S1+ features


A magnetic lock keeps the box well sealed for optimal sound attenuation.

ikoner chargex4

Four phones can be simultaneously charged via the USB ports built into the NoiseBox.


About 12 mobile phones can fit in NoiseBox S1+.


NoiseBox® is based on advanced sound algorithms developed by Marenius.

NoiseBox has integrated speakers with specially developed electronics that produce wide-spectral acoustic noise. This noise effectively blocks the microphone in phones or other audio-recording devices placed inside the NoiseBox. This enables phones to be turned on during confidential discussions without the risk of eavesdropping. Should a phone ring, the ring tone can still be heard outside the NoiseBox, preventing important calls from being missed, and if you like, the phones can also be charged while in the NoiseBox via 4 USB ports inside the device.


Integrated manipulation protection

NoiseBox S1+ have integrated electronic manipulation protection that ensures that no manipulation of the protective electronics in the NoiseBox can be carried out undetected. This manipulation protection provides the absolute highest level of security in the NoiseBox family. If attempts at manipulation are made, protection will be activated and the NoiseBox will emit an alarm signal. The NoiseBox can then only be restored by sending the device to Marenius for inspection. 

NoiseBox S1+ is available in different materials

Different materials provide different expressions. For the NoiseBox to perfectly suit its surroundings, whether a conference room or office, most models are available in three different materials. The technology inside the box and function are the same.

NoiseBox S1+

NoiseBox S1+ is produced in beech

NoiseBox SE1+

NoiseBox S1+ is produced in oak

NoiseBox SB1+

NoiseBox SB1+ is produced in birch

Technical specifications.

Noise outside NoiseBox:

25dBA @ 1m

External dimensions:


Internal dimensions:



17 kg

Power supply:

24 VDC, 30 VA (included)

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