A quality product from Marenius that keeps your conversations private.

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Probably one of the world's best D/A converters for HIFI enthusiasts and professionals.

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MADI <-> A2B

Convert from A2B to MADI and back with ease!

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Electronics design, innovation
and software development

Marenius develops and manufactures products, from idea to production, all under one roof. We are the complete design house for electronics, software and mechanics!

What is Marenius?

We are a streamlined, highly efficient company with many years of experience in electronics development, which is primarily focused on the development of analog and digital electronics, software and services needed for the development of new electronic products. Whatever you need in the electronics development process, from EMC testing to production of enclosures for your products, we have production capabilities in-house, which enables you to quickly and efficiently, under one roof, move from idea to finished product.

How we work

Marenius can manage the entire product chain, all the way to a finished product, in a process where our clients are always in focus. We refine your idea in the planning phase and develop a prototype. You can then evaluate the prototype and make any adjustments you feel necessary. After this, we enter the production phase where Marenius can handle all aspects of production, either in a trial run or continuously. If larger volumes are preferred, we have close relationships with a number of skilled subcontractors to make the production phase as trouble-free as possible.

Some of our clients

What we can offer

Marenius focuses on making your development process go as smoothly as possible and we can therefore assist you with all aspects of the design and construction process from our own production facilities, both in terms of electronics and mechanical components, such as enclosures.

Electronics development

Marenius provides all services in the development of electronics applications under one roof. In our design process, we can combine surface-mounted and through-hole mounted components, depending on what provides the best function in your product. Our electronics designers have knowledge gained through many years of experience regarding the regulations required for various applications, such as those applying for EMC, RoHS and safety.

Software development

Since almost everything Marenius develops includes one or more microcontrollers, software development is a system-critical aspect of product construction. Factors such as code documentation, code adjustments and infrastructure for updates are vital parts of product development and a process with which our staff has extensive experience.

Mechanical development

Marenius is very knowledgeable when it comes mechanical constructions such as enclosures. This may sound simple since the sole purpose of an enclosure is to protect the electronics from damage or to eliminate risk to users, but it is much more than that.

Testing & EMC & LVD

Electronic products are held to strict legal requirements, from energy consumption to EMC and LVD requirements. Marenius has built up a very capable in-house test lab, able to measure all commonly used test parameters with high precision, as well as a large number of rarer ones. The Marenius test lab can even perform EMC and LVD pre-compliance testing.


Documentation is an important part of both the development phase and production phase, not least when it comes to production data. We have extensive experience of working with clients and subcontractors to ensure that products are correctly produced from the start.

In-house production

Marenius has a modern technology plant with full ESD protection that can handle all aspects of the production of your products. Besides the production of finished circuit boards in our ESSEMTEC machines, we can also supply finished mechanical parts in ABS or aluminium.

Made by Marenius

Electronics development is our passion, and we most often develop products on behalf of our clients, but over the years we’ve come up with product ideas that are just too good to ignore. So we developed the products ourselves, in-house! Below is a selection of the products that we have developed in-house and that can be purchased from Marenius AB.


Effectively and securely safeguard your meetings against eavesdropping and recording via mobile phones!


One of the world’s best D/A converters
for HiFi enthusiasts.


Durable multi-track mixer with recording function for on-location sound recordings, e.g., for the film industry or radio.