Excellence in electronics design and production since 1976.

Marenius’ history is long and characterized by curiosity and innovations. From 1976 to the present day, however, there is still the same spirit and commitment in the design and production of electronics and electronics-based products. Our passion for electronics development started with proprietary Hi-Fi equipment, with the focus later shifting to audio and video equipment for TV, film and radio production, with a special penchant for sound mixers. Over the years, Marenius has also produced a number of products in marine electronics. Then as now, Marenius has always gone about this with a craving for the new, the untested and a quest for challenges.

We like that we are a small and efficient company, focused on the development of analog/digital electronics and software, and that we can almost always offer the skills the clients want in-house. This enables us to act quickly and keep the decision-making process short, so that together with our clients, we can design and produce products that exceed client wishes, on time and at the right price. Over the years, our expertise, technical resources and number of employees have increased, and we now have nine highly skilled specialists on our team and sales of approximately SEK 30 million.